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Our Educators

The staff at Templestowe Heights Pre-School come with a wealth of experience. We have a great combination of ages within the staff which really enhances our program.  All staff are able to have input into every aspect of the educational program.

The staff have a passion for the centre and the pre-school community. Which really helps to create an environment that is happy, carefree and fun for all our families, children and parents alike.

The staff all work hard to make the environment as exciting and welcoming as possible, they are creative and inventive and are always thinking up new ways to stimulate and encourage the children to learn through play.

They are respectful and caring of the children, parents and each other.

We welcome families to come and visit at any time and the staff are more than happy to have a chat to parents in regards to the program and their child’s  progress at any time throughout the pre-school year.

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