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Philosophy of Templestowe Heights Pre-School

At Templestowe Heights Pre School we have a strong Philosophy of “working together” and we aim to;


  • Assist all families to feel welcome and to become active members of the pre -school community

  • We recognise that each child brings with them unique back ground experiences and see this as a vital component in our educational program.

  • We believe that all aspects of development are interrelated and that growth and learning are a continuous process and that each individual is worthy of respect and encouragement.

  • We aim to provide a learning environment that will enhance children’s learning. We believe that in order for children to learn they need an environment that is warm and inviting and has changing play spaces that engage children.

  • The staff and Committee are committed to ongoing Professional Development and see this knowledge as a way to increase the understanding of how children learn.

  • We embrace the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework as an ongoing guide to extend and enrich our Educational Program.


We acknowledge the National Quality Framework and all work together to achieve the highest of standards so that we may provide a service of excellence within the community.

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At our recent quality assessment review, conducted in March 2019, we are proud to have been awarded with the rating of Exceeding National Quality Standard.

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Sun Smart Pre-School

At Templestowe Heights Pre-School, we believe being sun smart is very important.  

We are very excited to introduce our new range of sun smart hats available to the 4 year old groups as a gift from the Preschool.

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