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3 Year Old Program


Our three year old group is running again in 2024 and we are all delighted! The three year old group educators will be concentrating very much on making this a warm and nurturing environment as the children first commence their kindergarten experience.

The program will concentrate on helping the child feel safe, secure and supported in a new and exciting environment. It will focus also on helping the children to understand group living and the challenges that it brings with it. It will help the child gain an understanding of basic social skills such as sharing and taking turns.

The activities will be as open ended as possible so that the children are free to explore and make their own decisions about how they would like to play with them and what they would like to do with the equipment. There is a real focus on “learning through play”

Lots of music and movement, puppets and finger plays.

Lots of sensory experiences, water, dough, finger paint, clay, sand and dirt play.

Over the year we will assist the children to become more independent and resilient and confident in their own abilities. We will also assist them to feel a real connection to the other children in their group, their educators and the whole kindergarten environment

The staff aim to build secure attachments with all children and their parents alike as they commence their kindergarten experience at Templestowe Heights Pre-School.

We aim for the children to have a happy, relaxed and stimulating three year old kindergarten experience.

Alexandra Cameron our Three Year Old group Teacher and Steph is the Three Year old Assistant Educator.

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