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Committee of Management

Our Committee of Management is a very important part in the successful running of our kinder.  We pride ourselves on being a great community run kinder in the Manningham area. Our kinder does not have working bees or fundraising events as these are covered in your fees, so our meetings give families the opportunity to see how our kinder is run on a daily basis, offer new ideas and have some input when issues arise.


Templestowe Heights Preschool has always been able to run with a Committee made up of families.  Without the support of families and being able to form our own Committee, we would have to look at being managed under ‘Cluster Management’. This would mean an impersonal management group making decisions on the running of our Preschool without input from our community.

Below are some testimonials from previous Committee members and what they experienced being part of the Templestowe Heights Committee of Management:

Dianne Larratt – President 2021

Daniela Saltirova

President 2019-2020, General Committee 2017-2018

Kate Stacker – President 2017-2018, General Committee 2016
‘I had the absolute pleasure of being a member of the Templestowe Heights Pre School Committee for 3 years, including 2 as the President. My 2 sons attended kinder, both boys loving their time there and we were all very sad when it was finally time to move on.
Being on the committee was a wonderful way to get to know other parents and I still enjoy friendships I made during this time. It was great to be able to see how the kinder ran and to support Geraldine and all the staff with any programs or projects they wanted to run.

As a committee member, you have a great insight into what your children are learning and a chance to have a voice in how things may be improved.
Meetings are enjoyable and there’s always a few laughs, there are no fundraisers or working bees so the commitment is minimal.
I would encourage all parents to get involved if you’re able. I certainly enjoyed my time on the committee.’

Vicky Chin – General Committee 2021

‘It has been a great pleasure being part of the Templestowe Heights Pre-School committee.  It gives an insight on what happens behind the scenes and provides opportunities to contribute ideas and volunteer a helping hand in supporting the kinder community.  With the challenging covid times where there isn’t much of a chance for face-to-face social activities, the zoom meetings are able to connect us as parents with the teachers and people who run the kinder. Time commitment is minimal for so much to gain.’


Lisa Miller - General Committee 2019-2021

‘Being a general committee member over the past three years has enabled a deeper understanding of the learning undertaken by our children, but also of the passion, dedication and care the educators display in all their interactions. Parental ideas and questions are valued contributions and foster strong relationships between kinder community members. The once per month commitment provides adequate opportunity to gain insight into the kinder undercurrent without being too arduous for busy parents.’

Janet Lew-Tedja – Secretary 2019-2020

‘I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of the Committee of Management at Templestowe Heights Preschool.Being involved with the Committee has given me meaningful insight into the operation and educational program as well as the opportunity to provide thoughts on key matters that influence the kinder. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Committee and have formed many friendships with other parents on the Committee, it’s been a great way to get to know other families and contribute towards the kindergarten community.’


Amanda Cameron – General Committee 2020

‘ What I enjoyed most about being on the Templestowe Heights Pre-school committee has been the ability to not only gain an insight to the kinder curriculum behind my daughter’s learning, but also have input to the operational side of the kinder from a parent point of view.  It was also a great opportunity to feel connected and meet other parents of the kinder and local community, plus get to know the educators on a more personal level.  I would highly recommend putting your name forward as a committee member to any new parent, it is very much worth the small commitment of your time once a month.’


Grace Wong – General Committee 2020

‘It has been great to be in the committee, to get to know the parents and teachers from a different perspective, and to gain more insight into the kindergarten – especially during this pandemic period, I was able to see how much effort and thoughts were put in behind the decisions, and the care and love everyone has towards this little society of our children.’

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